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Connecting Families with Neighborhood Sitters

Recommended by their Friends and Neighbors

About Bambino

Bambino is an invitation-only mobile app that connects families with neighborhood sitters recommended by their friends and neighbors. Our revolutionary mobile app brings the traditional ways of finding, scheduling, and paying a sitter into the 21st century, tapping into social connections and streamlining each step of the process.

Here are the key things you need to know:

  • Bambino is an Invitation-only network.
    • Every person within the Bambino network has been invited to join by another member, which means every person is vouched for before becoming a member.
  • We simplify the whole process for sitters and parents.
    • Sitters simply enter when they are available while parents enter when they need a sitter. We take care of everything else from booking through to payment.

Learn more aboutwhy parents are using Bambinoand the benefits of being a Bambino sitter.